Spindle pole orientation is not dependent on LGN, but rotation is dependent.

During the process of cell division, the distribution of chromosomes to daughter cells is affected by a particular cell organelle namely spindle apparatus. This apparatus is composed of hundreds of proteins and its orientation during the process of cell division is responsible for the determination of cell-division plane. The proteins that come to aid the process include LGN, STIL and motor proteins like dyenins etc.

Recently a publication was updated in Cell Cycle journal were in authors have tried to elucidate that how orientation process and spindle apparatus positioning are correlated during cell division. While trying to find an answer to the query, they have developed a method of live microscopy that could be used to monitor orientations and movements of spindle in a cell. Software capable of achieving tracking such happenings in an automated manner came into existence because of this effort by researchers. It has been named as Spindle3D.

It has been found that spindles are rotated and then maintained along the interphase long axis. Quantification of spindle movements has revealed that the rotational movements require LGN while as spindle orientation does not require LGN. However the mechanisms that maintain the orientation along the long-axis are disrupted or are sensitive to 2ME2 (2-Methoxy Estradiol).


Cell Cycle. 2013 August 15; 12(16): 2643–2655. doi:  10.4161/cc.25671


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