Chromotherapy: Cure by Colors and Quran


Great gift by God, colors are involved in daily life of ours. Colors are so universal in our daily life that we often take them for-granted. Has any one of you imagined life without colors? It would be in-fact all black and white. But wait, black and white are also colors, isn’t?

Our emotions, feelings and frame of mind are all associated with colors. Upon passing through a prism white light (polychromatic light) splits or disperses into seven colors of light, each having its own characteristic frequency and behavior. Difference in frequencies or vibrations means diverse magnetic effects by each color. Have you ever felt charmed because of any color? Have you ever thought that why some colors are your comforting partners?

Our body contains all the colors in perfect equilibrium as are minerals and vitamins. Disturbance of this balance can cause malfunctions and lead to onset of anxiety and other diseases. Hence colors are pillars of healthiness and happiness; they are healers and nourishers that create and stimulate varied responses in us. You might have listened about other miracles, but the miracles of light are mightier than anything listened or observed. Being at peace is the most desired thing by any person existing on the earth and colors are peacekeepers. They create calmness and rest in your soul. Why a person becomes happy upon seeing a rainbow? You know the answer.

Colors exist from the very beginning of the universe and have been utilized for varied purposes from ancient times. In many religious books like Quran there are verses mentioning about colors e.g., Chapter Al-Insan mentions that those who believe in God (Allah) shall wear fine green silk in heaven. Also in Chapter 35 verse 27 (Surat-ul Fatir) Allah says:

quranic 2


Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi in his book Muraqaba defines color meditation and there has been no conflict regarding his theories so far. However with the advancement of science, Photodynamic therapy (PDT) came into existence. This technique employs photosensitive chemicals that area injected intravenously. The injected chemicals accumulate in cancerous cells and help to identify and eliminate them. Chromo-therapy is now used to perk up the performance of athletes. The endocrine system is known to get stimulated by color therapy as the radiations of color interact differently with this system.

White light has seven primary components and each of them is represented by VIBGYOR. Among them the first three (VIB) are soothers and the last three (YOR) are great stimulators. Let us know about the healing powers of VIBGYOR.


This color has least wavelength and maximum frequency amongst the other colors of VIBGYOR. This color is element of air, transformation, relaxation, compassion, sensitiveness, dignity and spirituality. This color provides immunity boost up, deepens ones appetite, nourishes brain cells to battle against diseases and is useful for the treatment of skin ailments and nervous imbalance.


Indigo is called as color of imagination, stabilization and purification. This color is known to create tranquility, awareness, accurate intuition, deep sleep and relaxation. It increases glow on skin and nourishes bones and cartilages. Urinary tract problems are better treated with this color.


Blue is most bounteous color of the universe. This color is called as color of confidence or color of truth. This color is astringent, miraculous, electrical and antiseptic in nature. It increases speaking capabilities, relaxation and vitality. This color can cure throat problems and hearing impairments by providing proper magnetic vibrations. Skin ailments can also be cured by blue color because of its bactericidal nature. Blood circulation improvement, nerve sheath nourishment and weight loss rectification can also be achieved by this color. Anti-stress and anti-inflammatory effects have been achieved by this color. The AAAS scientists in late nineties reported to have used this light for treatment of depressions and addictions. Moreover, neonatal jaundice, rheumatoid arthritis, lung ailments and scars of tissues are also known to be treatable by this magical color.


Green is the master color and creates calmness, psychological harmony, hope, rejuvenation, inner peace, healing and sense of love. it represents creative intelligence.  Skin problems, digestive ailments, ulcers, typhoid, fever, kidney problems can be treated with this color. Turquoise-Blue is an amalgamation of blue and green color that can be used to cure skin tanning and wrinkles. Green color is mentioned in Quran also. Chapter 36 verse 80 says (Surat-ul Yaasin) :

quranicWords (لَون) means color and (أخضر) means green



This color is called as the color of wisdom. Mental clarity, cheerfulness, confidence, vitality, communication and quick learning can be achieved by this color. Excretory organ diseases (constipation, gall bladder stones), skin and bone marrow problems are all treatable by this color. This color can speed-up digestive system. Arthritis, unnecessary calcium deposits, mental disorders and night blindness are all curable by this color.


This color is called as social color, as resourcefulness, social confidence and happiness are all known to be created by this color. This color is associated with encouragement, optimism, opulence, enthusiasm, cheering, innovation, merriment and non-constricting. Hemorrhage, gout, menstrual cramps, anemia, mental ailments, anxiety, hypertension, tuberculosis and hiccups are all treatable by this color. This color is known to increase supply of oxygen to the body tissues and decrease depression. Stimulation of lungs, digestion and relief from spasms and muscle cramps fall also in the lap of this color.


This color has least frequency and longest wavelength amongst all other colors. It has often been called as color of power as it can reach extremities. Pioneering spirit, attentiveness, sexuality, exuberance, dynamism, brazenness is achievable by this color. Tendons and face muscles can be strengthened by this color. This color produces warmth, energy, stimulation, increases blood circulation and sexual desire, releases constriction, stimulates ovulation and cell growth. Strength increase is due to effect of this color on adrenal glands that release adrenalin. Moreover, female disorders, anemia, nerve inactivity, constipation, asthma, goiter, numbness, tiredness, wound healing, cancer and obesity can be treated with this color.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other varieties of colors like pink, magenta etc.  These colors are also known to have health benefits. Pink is known to suppress revenge, tranquilize veins, balance sex and mitigate stress. Magenta color is known to promote physical healing and is excellent for children.


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